Here at Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company we take all applicable precautions to create a safe working environment for our employees and strive to create a better, safer, more breathable world for all.

Waste Processing Concerns?

All waste input streams will be transported to the plant while meeting all applicable required health and safety regulations.
By removing the manure from the dairies, feedlots, stables, and farms we remove a potential source of bacteria, pests, and nitrate water pollution from the area.

Also, by removing quickly as possible the manure from the feedlots, dairies, stables, and farms we reduce atmospheric pollution, such as odor, and the gases that would otherwise naturally come with decomposition.

This improves living conditions for the cattle, as well as working conditions for the folks in the livestock industry.

The manure at the plant will immediately be processed upon delivery. The anaerobic process is sealed from the atmosphere. There are no gas or odor emissions from the processing plant. The anaerobic digestion plant operates at an elevated temperature and a dwell time of at least two weeks per batch.

This process effectively kills all pathogen bacteria, (germs harmful to humans and animals), and eliminates most hormones, weed seeds, and antibiotics in the manure.