Summary of The Plan

A synergistic integration of dairy farming, feedlots, municipal waste, biofuel production, and greenhouse farming can be created to obtain a more productive and less water consuming agriculture in the Midwest and Southwest US.  This business synergism takes advantage of the unique features and resources in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  

Our plan is to reconfigure a small idled ethanol refinery in Tucumcari New Mexico with a series of step modifications:  

  • The first step is to clean the site and refurbish the existing truck scale, grain silos and hammer mill to enable grain storage up to 60,000 bushels and be able to provide milled feed. Additional storage could be added. 
  • The second step is to refurbish and reconfigure the ethanol fermenters to optimize the anaerobic digestion of 32,000 tons of manure, whey, and garbage per year into pipeline quality methane, and high purity grade carbon dioxide. 
  • The third step is to provide a liquid or solid fertilizer delivery service to farms.
  •  Fourth is to add solar and wind energy saving cost-saving features. 
  • Fifth is to capture and utilize the hydrogen byproduct from the high-temperature digestion process.
  • Sixth is to attract greenhouse and aquaponics growers to utilize the carbon dioxide. water supply, heating, cooling, and waste utilization.   

An independent economic feasibility study was done by the Arrowhead Center at New Mexico State University in 2016.   

Our plan calls for a $5 million in total financing including a 1 million dollar equity investment from investors and corporate partners. 

Our Near-Term Vision is to reconfigure the Tucumcari Route 66 Ethanol Plant to:

  • Provide Grain Storage and value added feed
  •  Process Manure into methane for CNG vehicles and food grade carbon dioxide
  •  Provide FDA approved sterilized solid and liquid fertilizer for farms

Our Long-Term Vision is to:

  • Utilize solar thermal process heating
  • Provide optimized water for advanced hydroponics and aquaponics farming
  • Utilize excess windmill power electricity for process heat and hydrogen generation
  • Use onsite photovoltaic power and battery backup.
  • Extract hydrogen fuel from digesters
  • Onsite fuel cell power backup
  • Franchise the re-configuration to over 50 idled ethanol plants in the Midwest