Welcome to the Why 

This page of our site is dedicated to the why of the project. Below are a series of interviews with our talented team and the enthusiastic community of collaborators who believe in a better future where nothing is wasted.


Meet Tucumcari Bio Energy Company: 

Marie Nava


Marie Nava our wonderful secretary. 

Her Bio

Meet Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company:

Robert "Bob" G. Hockaday



Our president answers most, if not all of your burning questions about  Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company!

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Are you a greenhouse grower?

Thinking about aquaponics?


David White

David White is an Aquaponics Farmer collaborating with Tucumcari BioEnergy to bring greenhouse growing and aquaponics to Tucumcari and the surrounding area.

Meet Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company:

Phillip Box

Phillip Box is a farmer, rancher, and businessman from Tucumcari, New Mexico who is working with Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company as a board member.

 His Bio