Website Operational Again - Field Experiment

Posted 6/29/2022


After a long hiatus and a few technical snafus, we are back on our website!  We have been busy in the meantime, with many proposals, and planning. Most of our updates have been posted on our Facebook. Be sure to follow us there for quicker updates!


Recently we have started an experiment with Drought Rings (TM, Drought Adaptation Industries), and select fertilizers  This experiment will give us a good idea of how to help restore soil health and quantify carbon capture in soil.  One of our prime objectives we aim to achieve through our future nutrient production. This experimental trial is done in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program.  Plus with partners Marie Nava (Rancho Alma Linda), Phillip Box (Box Farms), Glenn Bell (Drought Adaptation Industries), and David White (Legacy Acres Market at La Casa Verde).

See Bob thinning one of the rings with sorghum shoots.

Bob pruning the sorghum! Bob pruning the sorghum!

Another news bit, we have been working on finding an official in town (Tucumcari) corporate headquarters.  We are happy to tentatively announce that we will be moving into an office space at the Mesalands Community College. They have graciously partnered with us to lease the space. More details on that to follow on July 1st!

We also hope to integrate with the college in the regard to teaching students about our processes through a joint curriculum. Therefore providing a great basis for possible future employment for the students and a better understanding of how we can combat climate change and bring back healthy soils. Thereby providing a greener, more breathable future for us all!


That's all for today folks, stay tuned for more blog posts and maybe more podcast episodes!