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Posted 8/1/2022

The Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company crew had the pleasure of attending the Canadian River Food Summit hosted by the Ogallala Commons, a nonprofit education and leadership organization, collaborating with Quay County Extension Services and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative Development Center.

The purpose of the events was to provide information, ideas, networking, and inspiration for food producers/crafters in the Canadian River foodshed of Northeast New Mexico (Colfax, Harding, Mora, Quay, San Miguel, and Union counties). Funding for the summit was provided by the Thornburg Foundation.

Presentations covered a variety of topics such as: getting started in food production, opportunities in local meat processing, and visions for northeast NM food efforts. There was an overview from TableTop Cooperative on the successes of their Beginning Farmers Program.

 David White of La Casa VerdeDavid White of La Casa Verde

The second day involved a field tour to Genesis Homestead Farm, La Casa Verde New Generation, and a future meat processing facility. After lunch, table talks were conducted on tangible pathways for producers in marketing and how to take next steps in rebuilding a more vibrant Canadian River foodshed.




A delicious lunch with many local foods was catered by Del’s Restaurant.