XPRIZE Carbon Removal

Posted 7/23/2021



Earth’s changing climate is a fundamental threat to humanity, but it’s not too late if we take collective action NOW! Human imagination and creativity can shape a brighter and more sustainable future.


We’re so proud to be one of the many registered teams in the $100M @XPRIZE Carbon Removal. Catch the latest news at


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Podcast "The Zing"

Posted 10/22/2019



This is a belated blog post to announce we have a podcast in the cloud!   "The Zing" where we discuss topics such as Bio Fuel and BioMass to the Democratization of energy. 


You can find the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Apple Podcasts, and Radio Public. 

Below is an embedded item that might let you play it here.

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Posted 9/10/2018

Just in case you missed it we now have a Facebook page!  Come check it out and like the page to be in the loop as the project progresses!

Click here

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Interviews now on the Site!

Posted 2/21/2018

Interview Series - Meet Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company

We have been doing some minor, and major retooling of our website.  Most recently we have started producing a series of videos where we interview our team and people near and dear to the development of the project as a whole. 

First up we have Bob Hockaday and Marie Nava.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here, as we produce more videos.

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Happy New Year - A quick look back

Posted 1/17/2018

Whew, what a year 2017!  A lot of progress was made in many areas.  We were in the news a few times!  Everywhere from the Quay County Sun to News Channel 10 of Amarillo.

The Story here: Story here:





















Quay County Sun - Article can be read here.

News Channel 10 - Article can be read here.


We aim to make even more progress in the coming months!  More photos and news to follow!  Be sure to follow Energy Related Devices Inc. on Facebook!  

Tucumcari Bio Energy Company might soon get it's own Facebook page!  What do you think of that?  Connect with us through Energy Related Devices Inc. Facebook page!

Would you like to see more pictures of the plant, maybe even videos of the plant?  Please feel free to tell us! We are aiming to create more content for the pages and encourage your feedback!



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Our Close Up!

Posted 4/10/2017

Videographers from NMSU's University Center for Regional Commercialization made a cool video that features our operation and Bob  Take a look!

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Clearing Progress

Posted 3/24/2017

Ryan, Bobby, and David have been hard at work clearing away the brush and trees away from the plant. Key areas are now quite walkable! 


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Clean Up Proceding Smoothly!

Posted 3/15/2017

Ryan, Bobby, and David have been all been working hard clearing the plant of unwanted brush and trees.  The Plant is quite walk-able now!     Last week we sanitized the interior of the main hall with Clorox.


During the cleaning of the boiler room Ryan and Bobby came face to face with our resident Grey Fox. He was quite adorable for the few minutes they got to be in his presence.

Pictures of the cleaned up plant will come soon!


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