The Vision

Enable agricultural communities to thrive and be sustainable by creating and operating new systems in agriculture to solve problems of energy, food quality, diversity, waste, pollution, and water scarcity.




Values & Objectives 

The values and objectives of Tucumcari Bio-Energy Company are as follows: 

  • Create a high-efficiency bio-waste processing facility in New Mexico.
  • Be a prototype for other high efficient digester systems and reconfigured ethanol plants.
  • Run the incorporated company similar to a CO-OP by sharing burdens and rewards from the waste resource processing and new agricultural systems, while balancing the need to reinvest profits and deliver dividends to shareholders. 
  • Attract low water use greenhouse and aquaponics growing operations to take advantage of carbon dioxide production, fertilizer, and low-cost energy. 



We strive to make a safer world. Check out our safety policy here.

Current News

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